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How to build a successful mentoring program

As a human resource officer or professional recruiter for a staffing agency, your job involves staying up to date on the latest advancements in technology, implementing new strategies to recruit the best candidates and assessing the talent of the individuals who walk through your doors for placement. The true challenge lies in retaining that talent. […]

Using Social Media for Social HR Recruiting

Successful businesses need to have the right human resources on hand at the right time. However, competitive labor markets, complicated laws and regulations, and evolving employee expectations have made recruiting time-consuming despite new software solutions that can automate a big portion of it. Companies increasingly depend on professional HR firms to help them meet their […]

How HR Professionals Can Help Shape the Future Workforce

Technological innovation is driving ongoing change that has impacted the way companies operate and employees work. People are working from home in record numbers. Laptop computers, Skype and mobile devices makes this type of arrangement more feasible than ever before. While the dizzying speed of change has left management teams scratching their heads about how […]

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Remote Workers

Thanks to the Internet and the prevalence of many other technological advances, remote working is an increasingly popular trend. While many individuals enjoy working remotely and being able to take better control of their work/life balance, companies also benefit in numerous ways. For example, remote workers do not take up space in the office or […]

The Challenges of Recruiting for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are distinguished and often sophisticated in a distinctive way. Customers of luxury brands typically demand high-quality products as well as a stellar overall buying experience. When you are trying to recruit talent to work for a luxury brand, you may be faced with incredible challenges associated with finding the right individual for the […]