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How a Talent Shortage Affects Recruiters

When we are talking recruitment and job markets in general, there are always a few global narratives that dominate every conversation. Over the last few years, it has been all but impossible to ignore a couple of them The first of these is AI, machine learning, automation and the supposedly apocalyptic effects these will have […]

The importance of communication for the candidate experience

  You will often hear HR people and experts argue whether the recruitment process should be more geared towards the clients, the companies that hire; or the candidates, the potential employees. If we are being absolutely and even brutally honest, this is something that will depend on the times and the industry.

How apps bring the world of recruiting to mobile devices

Regardless of whether you are a part of it or even want to admit it, we live in a world where the majority of people spend an immense amount of time looking at the screens of their mobile devices. One might even say we are turning into zombies who crave the warming glow of our devices, but as Simon Pegg warned us in the best zombie movie ever, we shouldn’t use the Z word, “…because it is ridiculous.”