Are you a LinkedIn loser?

Are you a LinkedIn loser?

Are you a LinkedIn loser?

Recruiters are usually prodigious users of LinkedIn but are they actually using LinkedIn effectively and building credibility and influence?

Many people like to believe they are doing all the right things but how do you really know if you are a LinkedIn super-user or a super loser? (tweet this)

How can you measure your LinkedIn effectiveness?

Well now you can, it’s called the SSI – your Social Sales Index.

SSI is actually a pretty good way to measure how much influence you are having on LinkedIn. Whilst it is designed for sales people, its algorithm is focused on measuring those activities that increase your influence and this is really what being a great recruiter is all about.

The four main categories are;

Establish your professional brand 

  • Fully completed profile
  • Media in profile
  • Publishing posts
  • Skill endorsements

Based on my experience of working with Recruiters, I would highlight the following points that may help improve your score in the above section;

  • Add some media into your profile. Research shows that people would rather watch a video or browse through a presentation than read too much copy.
  • Publish a post. Why not find your voice in your market and take the time to write some interesting and useful content that will resonate with your candidates/clients – hint: It doesn’t have to be about recruitment!

Find the right people

  • Boolean searches
  • Introductions (Although this is currently broken by the new messaging feature)
  • Join groups
  • Profile views

This is the one section where Recruiters normally score well.

Engage with insights

  • Share articles via status updates
  • Like or comment on other updates
  • Share pulse articles
  • Group discussions
  • InMail/message response rates

My advice is as follows;

  • Make your status updates more interesting and engaging. Ask questions and use images and post more than just vacancies.
  • Engage with your stream. Make brief comments on others updates and posts.
  • Start or contribute to discussions in groups. Avoid posting links in isolation and aim to encourage debate.
  • When sending a message, quote mutual connections and ask questions, this way people are much more likely to reply.

Connect and build relationships

  • Connect and grow your network
  • Multiple connections in one company
  • Connect to colleagues
  • Keep in touch with connections
  • Create a plan to regularly keep in touch with valuable connections.

Each category has an equal weighting of 25% giving you a total score out of 100.

Whilst it is easy to find fault with any ‘social monitoring’ such as Klout or SSI, I do believe that your SSI score does give you some idea of your influence on LinkedIn — it may not be perfect but you will gain some benefit by aiming to improve your score.

Shockingly the average score for users in the Staffing & Recruiting industry (worldwide) is only 29 so the bar is not set especially high!

You can see your current SSI score here

Why not draw up a league table amongst your team and measure it on a monthly basis?

By focusing on these areas you are much more likely to build stronger relationships in your market and will all know that stronger relationships = great trust = better control = higher placement ratios = more money!

Mark Williams

Mark Williams (commonly known as ‘Mr LinkedIn) is widely regarded as one of the worlds top LinkedIn experts. Following a career spanning 20 years in the recruitment industry Mark set up ETN LinkedIn training in 2008. Since then he has trained thousands of LinkedIn users from a diverse range of industries and roles. He is also an accomplished keynote speaker, blogger and podcaster with his popular show ‘LinkedInformed' Mark’s passion for his niche subject shines through as he enthusiastically demonstrates why LinkedIn is such a key business tool.

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