9 Tips to Help You Recruit the Best Millennial Talent Online

9 Tips to Help You Recruit the Best Millennial Talent Online

Millennials have a deep understanding of the Internet, so what better place to recruit them than online? Through social media, it’s easier than ever to reach professional millennials that can provide great insight for your company. Locating new employees online is becoming increasingly popular, too – in fact, 86% of people currently in their first decade of employment use social media to search for jobs and research potential employers.

With this in mind, these 9 tips can help you locate your next millennial employee using a number of social media platforms.

1. Use Clever Visuals

Visuals are extremely important on social media, so be sure to carefully consider the graphics and videos that you use on your company’s social media accounts. Infographics can help you tell the story of your company, your products and your services, and images can help draw potential employees and readers into clicking on your content.

2. Be Clear with Your Listings

When you publish job listings online, be sure to publish them on your social media, and be clear about what you’re looking for. You should also consider using handy online tools which help you cut down the amount of time spent searching for candidates. With clear listings directed at a target audience, you’ll be reaching great candidates in no time.

3. Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook ads are an increasingly common tool in recruitment. Facebook allows companies to advertise positions to people who fit certain criteria. With targeted Facebook ads, you can ensure your ads appear only for people who ‘like’ certain pages, are within particular age ranges, or in a given location. You can also use online editing and proofreading services, like Paper Fellows to ensure that your advertised posts are the best they can be.

4. Understand Millennial Mindsets

Millennials are different to older generations in that they are more concerned about businesses sharing their values. Many millennial professionals will not want to be associated with businesses that have practices they find questionable, and for this reason, it’s important to understand how your business is seen by customers, clients and social media users. Websites like The HR Capitalist can give you a great insight into how you can show your business in the best light.

5. Use Your Current Millennial Employees

For the best insight into what millennials are looking for, consider talking to millennials you currently employ. Encourage your younger employees to share their positive work experiences through your social media accounts, and when there is an opening available in your company, encourage your staff to start recruiting using social media.

6. Beat Them to Job Hunting

The best way to reach the best new employees is to connect with them before they start job hunting. Using online platforms like LinkedIn, you can connect with millennial professionals, and potentially draw in new employees before they even begin their job search.

You can also use Rapportive, an online app for the Chrome browser, which helps you effectively connect with potential new employees.

7. Be Honest About Your Company’s Vision

Millennials, perhaps more so than other generations, have a canny ability to notice when a company is being dishonest about what they believe in. Millennials will quickly notice a company that is pretending to believe in, or represent, something antithetical or just different to their real values. You should ensure that your firm honestly represents itself, and you can use GlassDoor to help manage an employer’s reputation online.

8. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is your gateway to a whole generation of people, and it’s often the first thing new clients will see. Ensure that your brand is discovered online by being active on social media, and using apps that make managing your social media presence easier. TweetDeck, Moz and HootSuite allow you to manage your social media and even schedule posts.

9. Be Picky About Social Media Posts

Finally, you must be meticulous about the content you post on your company’s social media accounts. As the gateway to potential employees, your social media must represent your vision, so make sure everything you post really represents you and your vision. Using Buffer, you can more effectively manage your social media posts.

Social media is an open door to a whole generation of professionals who are looking for career opportunities. Manage your social media properly and you’ll have access to professional and knowledgeable millennials who can be extremely valuable for your organisation.

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