8 Tips for Recruiting Foreign Workers

8 Tips for Recruiting Foreign Workers

Companies hire international workers for a number of reasons. Sometimes they cannot find anyone suitable for the position locally, or they are looking for the best people in their field. It could also simply be the matter of language expertise, or a wish to diversify a working environment. Regardless of the reason, the process of hiring is made difficult by distance, time, and the legal requirements.

A well-written job description

People who are considering moving for work will want to be sure of what they can expect. A straightforward list of duties will give them a precise insight into their future position, as well as your company. You will sound serious enough for them to consider you. Write the description using the main language you require them to speak for work-related purposes. If they do not understand it, they are not the right candidate for you.

Mind the Sponsored Occupations List

The sponsored occupations list, as well as the consolidated sponsored occupations list, include a great number of job positions which qualify people for a foreign working visa. A precisely defined job position will help you select the right one from the list. If it happens that what you are looking for is not listed, you have little to no chances of employing a foreign worker, unless it is for only a short period on a working holiday visa.

Don’t try to fool the system

If the occupation you require is not on the list, do not try to swap it for another occupation from the list. As you will see below, you will have to prove that you truly need someone for the position. Also, in the visa application process, the worker will go through an assessment of their work-related skills and it will be easy to spot if they can do the job you have listed or not. If you do not act in compliance with the country’s immigration policies, you may be penalized for it and there is a slim chance of you ever being able to sponsor a foreign worker.

Are you an approved sponsor?

The government of Australia, for example, takes precautions to protect the country and the workers by setting requirements for businesses in order for them to become an approved sponsor. Have a look at the requirements and see whether you fall into the category. The requirements are related to your business success and the length of time you have been operating, as well as the working conditions and the type of employment you are looking to provide. You will also have to prove that there is an actual need for that position. You must be a reputable business.

Is your future employee a suitable candidate for the visa?

At the very beginning, establish whether an applicant is a good candidate for a visa. You need to determine the visa type best suited for what you are looking for. If you need assistance with this, hire immigration solicitors. You should not really allow yourself to make a mistake. Depending on the visa type, the requirements may include the age, English language skills, good health and character, relevant working experience, and the skills required for the job. According to the Australian immigration policies, in most cases, you are looking at visa types Subclass 457, 186, and 187. Subclass 186 and 187 are a straightforward way to the permanent residence which is why the Government wants to be extra careful.


Ask each applicant to provide references relevant to the work experience they have listed on the resume. Be more inclined toward accepting references from employers and managers, rather than the coworkers. Employers and managers are perhaps more open toward disclosing any less-favorable details of your applicant’s work and conduct.

Previous work

If an applicant’s resume seems worthy of giving a chance, you should ask to have a look at their previous work. What’s more, it would be even better if you were able to obtain it yourself. This is made easier nowadays with the Internet allowing you to get to the information. However, this is not possible with every position, so you can rely on applicants to show evidence of their previous work. This will help you see whether the work is at the level you need it to be and whether the “style” suits you and your business.

Do probation work remotely

Hire your best candidates to do freelance work for you for a set period of time. By doing this, you will avoid going through a lengthy visa procedure or having to keep an employee you do not like. Certain skilled work such as plumbers, cooks, electricians etc. cannot work remotely. In this case, you can check their skills through a test, or pair up with a reputable business from the area and ask them to assist you. Also, you could simply rely on your instincts and everything they provided you with so far.

When hiring an employee, you should also include your impression of the person’s character. This is completely valid as you need someone who will fit the existing team. Focus on clarity and trust on both ends, as well as the legal requirements as they are imposed. You need to be sure that a person is truly what you are looking for.

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