5 ways to reward and keep quality employees

5 ways to reward and keep quality employees

Nothing says “gratitude” to great recruits better than a thoughtful, personalized token of appreciation. It can be anything, and it does not have to break your budget.

Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to motivate them to remain in service and perform better. Check out these possible solutions for your workplace.

1. Themed lunch: “I rather not have free lunch,” said no one, ever! Employers can reward their teams by catering them a nice lunch themed with the unique logo of your organization or group. They can send out a quick survey using Google Docs and give them options such as:
• Hawaiian Luau lunch
• Japanese Dim Sum
• Mexican Fiesta
• American BBQ
• Vietnamese Pho party (Noodle party)
• Baked potato bar
• Vegan fest

Knowing what employees like is another way to build team spirit.

2. Company apparel: A shirt or polo that is especially designed and embroidered with words such as “Gold Team” or “Top Recruit” is a great way to create awareness in a group.

It shows members that their work is not only being observed, but also evaluated and rewarded. They can wear the shirt for special occasions, or whenever they want!

When a lot of employees achieve the goals needed to wear the shirt, they may see themselves as part of an elite group every time they get to wear it.

3. Parking (and driving) perks: Many companies offer an “Employee of the Month” parking spot to employees who perform outstandingly. Leaders can give this a twist by adding a nice cash card for a free gas tank to the mix! That would only sweeten the deal even more!

4. Challenge coins: The centuries-old tradition of awarding a coin to special members of a group helps in building team spirit. Coin owners must keep their tokens with them at all times in the event that someone at the workplace calls for any kind of challenge. It could be something simple, such as paying for lunch, or ordering a round of drinks.

Normally, those who do not have the coins with them will have to undergo the challenge. It is a fun way to keep the team alert and entertained while showing loyalty to the company, and to one another, by keeping the coin.

5. Lunch and play with the boss: We may only get to know our best recruits through their work and efforts, but many times we fail to meet the person within. It is surprising to learn how much more we can get to know someone in just one hour during lunch. Anything, from hobbies to dietary preferences, are themes that usually come up during conversation in these casual meetings.

Not ready for conversation? Playing a video-game together, a round of chess, or simpler games such as scrabble are other activities that can happen during lunch with the boss.

Keeping them happy

The perks above are great for tracking performance, especially if supervisors assign a value to earning the perk. This is imperative because leaders should not make it look like they are arbitrarily assigning rewards to just anybody.

Therefore, state clearly that the reward is for things such as:

  • Top sales
  • Top commission earnings
  • Most memberships sold
  • Perfect attendance
  • Most positive ratings in customer service
  • Time in service
  • Customer satisfaction rates

These rewards can also be given the moment an employee truly displays actions that denote leadership, initiative, and team spirit together.

For example, leaders could award a coin to a recruit who puts together an activity for team building, or to someone who does something selfless and altruistic for the good of the group.

Some of these rewards do not have to be tangible, but given at leisure, whenever the employee is ready:

– Early outs: Coupons that read “EARLY OUT DAY” allow recruits to choose when to take time off. It is important to let them choose because top recruits normally refuse to take time off. For this reason, the ticket should state that it is “non-negotiable.”

– Recess and recreation time: A relaxation room in the workplace does not have to be a big space. Just a small location where employees can sit down, relax, and do something recreational. Coworkers can donate books, used video-game consoles, magazines, tablets, snacks, water, and other mental health essentials for today’s busy employees. “Recess cards,” rewards recruits by giving them time to spend in the recreation room at leisure.

Rewarding and keeping the best recruits with things that show them how valuable their time and dedication is of great importance. Employers should always show employees that they are aware of what they do, and of their value to the organization.

Joe Humphries

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Training Network. He regularly writes for safety and training blogs.

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