5 effective ways to launch your social media campaign

Deciding that you want to be active on social media is always a good start. It’s then what you do next as to whether you execute social media effectively or not.

We’ve come across a lot of recruiters (and people in many other sectors) who don’t see social media as particularly necessary, or even beneficial to their business. It’s extremely likely that those people weren’t particularly knowledgeable when it came to social media. Setting up your profiles and posting content is one thing, but engaging and identifying your target audience is a whole other board game.

So, once you’ve got your pages all setup, streamlined and ready to rock and roll, what can you do next to make sure that people know you’re there? After all, that’s the first key to winning the engagement.

Create a ‘buzz’ and be excited

If you’re not excited about your social media, how can you expect anybody else to be?

Firstly, you have to be on board and then you have to get your team on board. Make it exciting for everybody and show the benefits. By telling your audience that you’re ‘launching your brand on social media’ and what they should be watching out for, they’ll be more inclined to listen and follow up on your call to action when you ask them to follow your pages.

Get the whole team involved

Your employees are the biggest advocates of your business. In recruitment, essentially everybody is running their desks and businesses. Therefore, they should understand the benefits of being on social media and be shown HOW it can make them money, because it can. Getting your team involved and excited about the social presence will naturally develop the pages because the more ‘doers’, the better.

Have a clear and defined strategy

It’s so important that you don’t just decide one day to go on social media and then set up and post a load of rubbish. You should set a clear and defined strategy including what you want to achieve when you want to achieve it by and what milestones you’re going to put into place to achieve it.

If you’re looking to successfully build client relationships through social media, you should specifically be thinking about how you can do that and what is going to attract and engage them most. If you’re looking to develop candidate relationships, you should be doing the same. The two strategies will be completely different, and that’s what you should bear in mind when creating your strategy.

Tell people about it

If your audience (i.e. your clients and candidates) don’t know you’re on social media, why would they even think to follow you there?

If you’re an agency who sends out regular mailers, why not send a mailer out to your audience letting them know you’re active. Make sure to get them excited about being a part of social media and show them examples of what you’ve been posting.

Whether it be ‘top tips’ or ‘hot jobs’, having your candidates or clients connected with you on social media will make the relationship between you both a bit closer. Keeping at the forefront of their minds is important, because even though they may not need your services right now, they will do in the future. So, telling them and keeping connected is key to keeping them coming back for more.

Setting relevant social links

Following the above and letting your audience know that you’re on social media, it’s important to let everybody else know as well. Set social links over on your website and even on your signature strip. That’s not to say that everybody you send an e-mail to is going to head immediately over to your social media pages, but believe me when I say that some will. They’ll be genuine followers, interested in your brand and what you have to say, therefore it’s more than important to get them following you.

Hayley Jenkins

Hayley Jenkins is the Owner of The Social Geeks, a Social Media Management Agency who specialise in Social Recruitment. We know that as busy recruiters, you don’t have the time to manage your Social Media effectively, so we do it for you. With a background in IT and Banking Recruitment, Hayley fully understands the industry and that's what enables her to deliver results to industry specific clients.

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