5 bad social media habits recruiters should stop today

5 bad social media habits recruiters should stop today

The potential that social offers recruiters is now well understood. The benefits are many and as a result social media has now become not just accepted – but expected – in recruitment. But nothing is ever perfect.

And, just like anything, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. As everybody knows, habits can be harder to break than they are to make. Here are 5 bad social media habits recruiters should stop today.

Purely using social media to post jobs

It’s an easy mistake to make, but one habit any recruiter needs to avoid getting into is purely using social media platforms to post jobs. Of course, as a recruiter your raison d’être is to recruit talent to fill jobs. However, you stand very little chance of attracting talent if your social media ‘strategy’ simply involves clogging up people’s social feeds with endless job ads.

Your social audience needs to be engaged. The content you post needs to interest and inform. It needs to be educational or entertaining. It takes time too. To become trusted as a thought leader and an industry expert, you will need to post top quality content on a consistent basis.

Not utilising all social channels and focusing on LinkedIn only

For professional networking, LinkedIn remains the go-to platform. It’s perhaps to be expected that many recruiters begin their social media journey with LinkedIn. Sadly though, too many end their journey here too – and they ignore the potential of all the other social platforms.

Of course, LinkedIn certainly has its place, but recruiters should be mindful of the stats. Despite the huge number of people who have a LinkedIn account, in terms of monthly and daily users, its numbers are very low.

To seek out the harder to reach – the passive – candidates, LinkedIn might not be the happiest of hunting grounds for recruiters. Instead, it’s worth turning your attention to platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Not daring to be different

As with anything on the internet these days, it’s becoming increasingly hard to be heard above all the noise. With the expectation that recruiters will be active on social media, the social recruitment space is a very noisy one.

By all means, look for tips and stay ahead of the curve by responding to social trends within recruitment; but, it’s better to be a leader than a follower. This is why several recruiters have seen great success on the likes of Snapchat – because they dared to be different and they moved into a space not typically inhabited by recruiters.

Not spending enough time creating a personal brand

For your social efforts to be successful you need to spend – not necessarily massive amounts of money, but certainly a considerable investment of time is required.

Social will not deliver instant results. These things take time. Time needs to be used wisely too, and time is well spent when a recruiter uses social media to create and promote its personal brand.

Sticking to the status quo

It’s easy to stick with what you know, and if the results you are getting are okay it can be even harder to mix things up. The thing about social is that what might be working brilliantly for you now might not still get the same effect in six months. Never rest on your laurels and always look for the latest trends, tools and technologies to keep your strategy pushing you forward.

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